Ethiopia Amharic Movie ”ላ ቦረና” # 1

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Ethiopia Amharic Movie ”La Borena” Part 1 New Ethiopian Music 2014 Video Subscribe to get the Newest Ethiopian and Eritrean Music Videos . . . “ethiopian s…

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  1. If the lady had been in Borana for her thesis before she met the driver,
    why was it a question for her to be infested with ‘kunicha’? Why many
    things were new to her? What is it trying to show really? Lavourne and
    Borena never match in any way. In general, this movie is non-sense. It
    teaches nothing.

  2. Ethiopians getting white women now. Happy days are here again. You too can
    succedd in life. Get a nice house, car and white women. :)

  3. አበት በጉጉት ሰጠብቀዉ የነበር ፊልም፣ቦረና የትዉልድ አካባቢዬ ሰለሆነ ነፍቆትነዉ መሰለኝ.እንግዴ ፊልም እንደሚታወቀዉ
    እዉነት እና ሃቅ አደለም፣ልበወለድ እና ህልም ነዉ፣እንኩዋን ሆነ.ደስ ይላል በርቱተበራቱ.I can say say
    kkkkkklool Hilarious movie of the year.and thanks Lord that,it is not
    reall.and the girl and the car are both beautiful.keep up

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