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መንፈሳዊ መዝሙር.

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  1. no disrespect but i don’t see how this can be called mezmur, its more like
    music….. one bit of advice to the singer, next time u put mezmur out,pls
    make sure u have a picture of jesus or mary ( i know u’ll have issues abt
    her) to make it more spiritual.

  2. Define music for me robrabz. And which photographer was up there to take
    the picture of either Jesus or Marry? a blond haired, blue eyes man with a
    long dress does nod symbolize Jesus for me. So I do’t think Betty will help
    you with ur request. Sorry!:(

  3. itz meaningless, u listend to the song and all u can say iz she’s beautiful
    and has a sweet voice, u worshipe GOD ’cause he deservices it, bethey
    didn’t sing this song for peoples like u to say that she’z beautiful and
    has sweet voice, she sang this for GOD, prasin him not for the purpose to
    be though beautiful by ure type of people. so listen to gospel songs to
    praise and worship GOD not to look at peoples face and jugde their voice

  4. hi Ayux1 all i have to say is get a life,listen to what you talking about
    and then tell me if i have to improve my english maybe you need to do that,
    then you be able to understand form my point of view. may God bless u.

  5. God deserves all the praise and those who hate will only be convicted or
    convinced with love. In the name of Jesus God bless!!! We all need his
    guidence..Thnx for posting all the mezmur, Awtaru’z music touches my heart well az others

  6. Mezmur means “Gospel song” especially in a religious context. Zefen means
    simply “song” it usually means “worldly songs.” There is a big difference.
    English is not wide enough sometimes.

  7. come on. relax already. stop screaming. show me with evidence that what you
    believe is correct, and i am wrong. don’t qoute from bible, becuase it
    doesn’t prove anything. if u want to have a conversation about this topic i
    am glad to talk to u. and one more thing do you believe that the earth is
    only about 6,000 years old, and also do you believe in talking snake, you
    know i am talking about the snake that “mislead” eve.

  8. Granted, people misconstrued the bible all the time and use it to their
    advantage whereby promoting slavery and ignorance, but that doesn’t reflect
    the characteristics of the Holy and Omniscient God. Everything that you
    need to know is written in the bible , just dust it off and try to read the
    book of John. If we come form monkey, then how do you explain our
    reasonings and accountabilities?

  9. @parkfrankline u funny ” angel voice” what is angel voice look like any way
    …………….. u must be kidding. pls GOD bleass them wheater they
    belive u or not.

  10. she is soooo beautiful i wish i could just have a beautiful voice like her
    she is soooo blessed…wish i could meet her one dayy always wanted too…

  11. ‘bible is fake, quran is the truth’ you’re entitled for your opinion. But
    there are a lot evidence for the bible, not much for the quran. The quran
    contradict science. ( you have to be dumb on purpose not to see that.) If
    the quran from the true God you made heaven and earth why does the quran
    teaches hatred toward non-believers? If the quran is true I rather go to
    hell, the devil is much nicer than allah, nor will I want to be in his
    paradise with sex orgies everywhere.

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