New Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur (Be waga)

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This is an amazing mezmur. I am in love with this mezmur. Le zemariw ena bemezmur bemulu letesatefut hulu qale hiwotn yasemaln. Please listen to this mezmur …

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  1. hiwet selamun techy yemaytay ayechy lante beset jerbayen betwawek telaten
    yedrsebgn eny awkewalhu yhenen melkt yemtanebu hulu Azeb Angessa blachu ke7
    amet yeahzab hager yesdet nuro bekashe yeleg zende betelot asebuge

  2. aszx 290 God bless my sister !!!! I’m mese ename barbe. Hager yabate sera
    newe yemeserawe gezawe siders hulachenme beka ielenal hulu neger lebego
    newe emebrhane tektelshe Kerstose beka ielenal ya ahezabe mekleja honene
    anekerme !!!!!!

  3. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,
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    ተገዝተናል ።

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  5. Kalahiywot yasamalin Manigisita samayatin yawarisilin tsaga manifas kidusin
    Yalabisilin Yagaligilot Zamanihin Egizabher Amilaki Yerizimilin Amen !!!!

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