New Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur By Hitsan Zemarit Qalkidan Mekonen በ እናቴ እቅፍ

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new ethiopian orthodox tewahedo mezmur 2013.

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  1. Oww ! what a lovely spiritual song is it , I realy love this couse we all
    have a good memory on this topic , may God bless you littel sis . 

  2. Histan Kalkidan Igzaber yibarkish; mechereshashen yasamerilin; yemalakti
    dimtsi yasemalish; Thank you very much and please keep it up!!!

  3. Love from your Armenian Orthodox brothers! I recently figured out I have
    distant relatives who fled to Ethiopia after the Armenian Genocide in 1915
    and now they live in the US. (:

  4. Ahunm yasebshiwuna yakeshiwu hulu esu yaskalsh. kal hiwotin yasemash
    mengste semayatin yawursish.

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