Watch Ethiopia – WINTA: The Show – Episode #35 on KonjoTube

Watch Ethiopia – WINTA: The Show – Episode #35 on KonjoTube the popular Ethiopian videos website

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  1. Hey guys I tried to like you but you keep coming to my tv with out my choice and so boring sorry to say that but for real please don't make it that way to get more viewers. It is good to google/search you by interest so that you will be more interested to your viewers. 

  2. Hey Winta and Addis,
    This is mati from Jerusalem. I like you and your program. keep up the good job. could you say happy birth day for Bethlehem Lemma, lives in USA?   she was born on a day of Christmas (our Christmas, Gena). Enkuan teweledsh belulgn. I will celebrate her birth day on Bethlehem (Palestine). Thanks in advance. Please play on one birth day song. chawwwwwww…….wintaaaa & yoniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. Oh guy's I was thinking how to start my day but you made it you guys. I know one of my friends he married 3times in Ethiopia brought usa but 3 of them taken by his old roommate finally he decided not marry stay a way women. 

    Egna ketema wist yehonewn lachawtih. Andua nech balwa lerejim ereft wode Addisababa hedena yemekina adega dersobet mote. wuala leqsso lemedress wede lijtua bett hedn. Betua betam tebab slenebere ena sewm slebeza ke algaw frashun awrdu ena saw eza kuch ybel sletebale, hulet setoch tegagzew frashun liyawerdu simokru ke frashu wust tlik DILDO dub aylm meseleh? Keza huwalla sew gra gebawna mazenu tito mesaq jemere. Betelay wondechu " wa mistihn titeh Addisababa thedna gud endathon eyetebabalu sikeldu wallu elehaleh.

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