2013 Eskesta, ‘Engeda’ New Ethiopian Music

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New 2013 gonderigna Eskista Video by Berhanu Tezera (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgqeJbGR5JUjbge1N-yyPPg?feature=watch) (c) Berhanu Tezera. If you like …

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  1. This is in reply to Getenet bahiru who give a stupid comment and outrage. I
    wish I can reply to you directly, but I am unable to since you do not setup
    to reply. Every city in Ethiopia has its own culture to sing by the people
    belong from there or not. Unfortunately, you are an idiot person I ever
    know who left “enough” comment for the music. First of all why don’t you
    get the fuck out of here if you do not want to lesson, bitch. Second, you
    are wrong that no matter musicians sing, Gonder is a long historian city
    and can’t be explain by those sings. Finally, where the fuck are you from
    you judge; considering your name seems you are all the same Ethiopian, but
    probably uneducated person. Remember, it doesn’t mean you are educated
    when you can write either English or Amharic, just indicated you went
    school for nothing. 

  2. Ahahahhaahhah I told you so, Getenet. I am so sorry and no offense for
    other, but Robe, Bale, Ethiopia? Hope you will understand what I meant to
    say. Thanks for the technology and we will never hide ourselves anymore. 

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