A Great new Ethiopian orthodox mezmur by zerfe kebede (Ye Berhaw Guzo)

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A Great new mezmur by zerfe kebede (Ye Berhaw Guzo)

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  1. you see our God He is remarkable he has blessed her with this voice,give
    thanks to JAH of Ethiopia orthodox .

  2. Friends in the Lord, if you are here and have not given your life to Jesus
    totally, I would wish you to go back to Jesus today and never go back to
    your sinful life again, because tomorrow might be too late. Please say this
    prayer with me, Lord Jesus, I come to you as a sinner, have mercy upon me.
    Lord Jesus, I beleive you died for my sinful life and was raised on the 3rd
    day. Lord Jesus, I have made up my mind to serve you with all my heart and
    never to go back to my sinful life again.

  3. William Beraki, You don’t have to teach us how to pray fro Jesus. We know
    our lord Jesus from our mother womb. This song is for the lord’s mom. She
    is the best of best from the world. The only person that our lord got to
    come to the world and to die for our sin….

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