Abet – Ethiopia’s First Girls Band Feat Haile Roots – Amazing Video

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haile-roots-n-Ethio-Girl-Band-Abet-Ezih-Bet-NEW-SONGS-2013 Ezih Bet – Ethiopia’s First Girl Band MUST SEE] Yegna Part 2 will come out soon so keep in touch b…

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  1. It is about respect and equality for women. The girls are saying “We have a message. Listen to us. .. let’s live together in peace and harmony. Let’s not drift apart. Let’s not undermine each other. …” Their message is directed at men in conservative Ethiopia.

  2. Wonderful,wonderful…the music, the sound of the language,how beautiful they are..the dance..their voice uplifts my heart.Thanks for telling what they are saying. God bless

  3. why is the first comment an eritrean talking about politics. they a re separatists and betrayers///

  4. This is just beautiful!!! LOVE IT, Very proud much love and support from SYdney , Aus. Please make more!!

  5. ጥርት ያለች፣ መንፈስ ኣዳች ዘፈን። ኡፋ! እንደምወዳት ይቺን ዜማ።

  6. AWESOME! video..the girl at 3:07, i just liked her move with beat from southern Ethiopia… and the kid at 3:45.. his smile is outrageously infectious… I hope they have an album.. i sure for once would buy it.. such work should be encouraged and supported…. kudos to the girls.. NICEEEE…

  7. Awesome music ! If someone can give me the names of all singing girls. I know only singer Haile Roots. Amesegenalew

  8. Wowowow this such a beautiful songs and also to see a girls group like that it make me feel we growing as one nation love to all of uzzzzz mwhaaaa…keep it up girls..

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