Amazing Artist MESERET MEBRATE Performance on Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur( Yilal Andebete)

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This is for a monastery abune melketsedek fund raising.plz subscribe to my channel? i will reach u new ethiopian orthodox mezmur as soon as they realesed.htt…

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  1. i am very interested and it makes me happy and i wish like to say invite
    this video to my friends please my friends and also every guy try to share
    and get the sweetest food and blessed life from your God!!!!!!!!!

  2. Waww Mesi I didn’t know you have such a voice!!! And you are using it for
    right place in a good way. God bless you!!! I have seen you crying while
    you sing that tells me how much it means to you. It is in your heart.
    Zemare melak yasemalen.
    Best royal model for others. All of us need to praise our God what he has
    done to us.
    Thank you and keep up your good work!!!!

  3. shame on this church people, they keep worshiping the satan beside
    them…..! Please Jesus or God doesnt not have a colour………shame

  4. †♡†♡† Amen ! Amen ! Amen !!! †♡†♡† Messi ………. Kale Hiyweten , Zimare
    Mela’eketen Yasemalen !!! †♡†♡†

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