Amharic Mezmur : Bante new (Dagmawi ‘Dagi’) with lyrics (Amharic)

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This is an Amharic gospel song(mezmur) by the well known Ethiopian Gospel singer Dagmawi aka Dagi. This is song is titled ‘Bante New’, which can be translate…

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  1. amen! i am at this stage, i am alive because of God! God bless you dagi and whoever uploaded this! PLEASE KEEP UPLOADING MORE!!!

  2. cher newna meheretu lezelalem newna Egziabheren Amesgenu Ps. 106:1
    Bante New Ezih Yedereskut! You are blessed Dagi!!

  3. May God bless the singer the band and the person who posted this song. I wish and pray all gospel songs posted like this which has no distraction through unnecessary pictures. Did we for get how the first sin enter to the first human bing? Let us use the Thecnology to glorify and show only the Lord of Lords the only one who died for our sin so we can live for him NOW!

  4. May God bless brother’s and sisters who provide this song which you close the doors of distraction and provide us the pure word of God in the way we can listen the song and think about God not the color , movement ….of the singer .I wish all read this and ask them self and decide to say if what ever I am doing is un obstacle for one person even if it is not my intention I will not do it . Paul said if eating meat is stopping one lersln from following Jesus I will never eat meat. Let us HIDE!

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