Amharic Mezmur : Dil dil yishetenjal (Lily) with lyrics (Amharic)

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Gospel song in Amharic by the well known Ethiopian Gospel singer Lily. She is also the sister of another well known Ethiopian Gospel singer Dagmawi aka Dagi….

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  1. Very good job sabiet. I am so so blessed by this song and I never had it. Keep up the good work, sabiet. And may the Lord bless you tremedously!

    elelelelelelelelele! ene alehugn ene alehugn, ager hulu aysheber! Jesus is Lord! “… we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” hallelujah!

  2. am glad i helped, i believe everything happens for a reason, and there is a reason that i wrote that comment, and its a good thing i did, and i can’t wait for the new mezmur video 🙂

  3. today i heard this lady sing in a friend’s car, the song was about giving her problems to God, can you tell me what song that is? it was a slower song.

    i don’t speak or understand the language but i feel that it doesn’t matter because her voice brings me to tears quite honestly due to the beauty of it all.

    please and thanks.

  4. @Dalboy83 yes brother me too this song touching me so much I love it also make me fully hope, God bless her

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