Analysts speak on Nigeria vs Ethiopia clash pt.1

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  1. It is a hot topic now for both Ethiopians and Nigerians. Next time please invite Ethiopians as well, it will make this conversation very interesting. Anyways let me give you my take about this playoffs. Nigerians must win the first game in Ethiopia in order for them to go to 2014 world cup. If Ethiopians win the first game at home, they are on their way to Brazil. Second match will be strong defense from the Ethiopian side all 90,minutes then game over.

  2. I like the discussion, I would like them to listen each other , but I am really impress in one of the analysts he is putting facts in place. He is giving the right advice for Nigerians, ” ….statistically Ethiopians have good record ,… we should play as if we play with Ghana, Cameron… he adds, football is not about playing by ” name”….
    I wish May God helps we Ethiopians!!!

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