Ashebr Belay Enei Negn Yale Ethiopian Ethiopia Habesha Amharic Music dvd Quality Zefen

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  1. There’s no way your this dumb. or joke isn’t funny it just shows that you’re either young or mad ignorant.

  2. motor cycle and liver Guys –U MUST THINK THE WORLD IS ONLY UR LIL IGNORANT VILLAGE WHERE YOUR DUMB ASS GROWN UP -How in the hell you Surprised for music video recorded in Ethiopia ??? Trust me the World Is bigger than ur lil Village –THINK BEYOND UR IMAGINATION

  3. Motorcycle mavrick and levar 1979–IS CHINA A PLANET OR A NATION ?? I bet your ignorant ass-you did not know this

  4. Thanks for the compliment. Besides the fact that your response is knee jerk and makes absolutely no sense, you decided to insult me. That means you didn’t have anything reasonable to refute what I said, even though what I said wasn’t very much. I’m not sure how you inserted China into the discussion. By the way, I was pointing out the absurdity of Maverick’s comment, by saying “the same way you record music in your country”. I’m not sure why you went after me.

  5. he is saying whoever says I’m a man and try to take my love come and try it. “ine negn yale yimokiregna”

  6. shit,you should ask to translate it,dull minded!!!!,we are ethiopians hero of heroes

  7. omg when i went to addis and were dancing with my cousins to this omg i love this song it brings back so much memories

  8. asheber…….betam arif zefn new even vedio knbru btam dess ymel new men gezem computer skfte aywalhu god bless you also Ethiopia people

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