Awra Amba – Utopia in Ethiopia

Watch latest Ethiopian vids here A remarkable story about a unique rural community in Ethiopia, who have created a life free of inequality, poverty and hunger without extern…

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  1. this is a advanced people why?
    when them big earthquake happens or when that meteor arives and devastates the globe everyone who doesnt adjust back(or forward)to this way of life wil die of starvation why? their will not be any electricity being generated bless these and all like people!!

  2. I love the fact that this video is about a Utopian society and already you are removing comments, that’s freedom huh! you don’t get debate about subjects if you can’t except that people won’t agree with your Utopian ideals. It seems that your more into dictatorship.

  3. The freedom of speech and freedom to debate is not a freedom to insult. Any comments which are insulting SHOULD be removed. Well done for this documentary. Our society today has the tendency to point fingers, blame, use conspiracy theories or deny! If you think you can do better, rather than complaining, go out there, take some responsibility, and let’s see what you can do.

  4. A man goes through town with his son. They have a donkey. First the father goes on the donkey, people say, HOW UNFORTUNATE FOR THE SON! then the son goes on, People say, HOW UNFORTUNATE FOR THE FATHER, then they both get off, people say, how silly of them to walk when they have a donkey. Then they both get on, people say…HOW UNFORTUNATE FOR THE DONKEY!!!

    Point is, no matter what you do, there’s always someone out there who can make it seem bad.


  5. What afterlife? There is no reason to believe in such a thing. I mean sure, you’re free to believe in whatever you like, but stop pretending that you KNOW there is an afterlife. Because you DON’T. You should strive to make the best of this life — your only life.

    You think they’d all be better off if they lived in any of the other surrounding villages, prayed several times a day, got 8 children each, and never learned how to read/write? What is it that bothers you about this community?

  6. Paulina, thanks for sharing this amazing story. It will be interesting, if you revisit the community in the near future and make a follow-up on how they are doing.

  7. I’m from Ethiopia and its refreshing to see a “somewhat positive” view of the country. These people have honor but other then their secular ways I dont see much difference with their rugged and rural existence.

    I’m from the city and middle class but am glad my parents chose to come to the USA. I m not so sure life for the average American is worth it let alone Ethiopian. Life is a battle and the war seems infinite. Life? hhhmmmmm……. What god would think of it in this world. Keep grinding,

  8. Thank you for a glimpse into an extraordinary community. We can hope that it will serve as a role model for more Ethiopian communities–where equal respect for both women and men is the guiding principle and children are encouraged to learn.

  9. One of the most underrated countries in the world, people should advertise this country more often.

  10. if they are equal and utopic curious as to why the women need to wear the hijab ? (unless they want to of their own which is is totally cool)

  11. The lady said “religion is not important.” I say good for her. What good has religion done for anyone, besides creating division, oppression, and intolerance. One does not need to have a religion to live a moral life. I hope others learn from Awra Amba.

  12. Well spotted. Some of the women in Awra Amba wear a headscarf from time to time, but this is not for religious reasons.

    Just to clarify the religion issue, the people of Awra Amba DO believe in God, but they do not practice a religion. They believe that we are all brothers and sisters and that we should help one another in life.

  13. Hi,

    We have actually re-visited Awra Amba several times since the making of this film. We hope to launch an exciting Interactive Documentary about the village next year. Please sign up on the Awra Amba website, so we can inform you when it is online so you can watch (it will be free)

    Serdar (Paulina’s co-director)


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