Beautiful Yager Zefen

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God Bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians where ever they may b!

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  1. woooooooooow am so proud to be habeshan which is poor economically but so so so so so so rich in cultrue.i like aman 1844 comment currently i live abroad and i work with people from different corner of the world and they are highly contaminated from sexual orientation.when ever forigners ask you about ethiopia they always get amazed by the beauty of ladies and the hospitality and friendliness of the people.

  2. God bless you too. Endinew engi Ethiopiawinet. Belew, Eshikm Eshikim. It is good. It pulls out our stress and give us a little enjoyment. Thank you.

  3. I love this song and this singer!!! This is my Ethiopia and my Ethiopiawit. Beauty, voice, grace and LEZA!!!!

  4. Ahmddin, you re great !
    ” Ahoyee ahoyee, enne lante biyee, metahugn tekiliye”
    ” Teymun teyimun gubil ye miyamir, enne essun wedije tadiya endet lihun ! ”
    ” Yesu tamami negn , yesu beshitegna, bisimegn yemisam siyaqfegn yemitegna !”
    ” Eshok bicha hone egreen bidabisaw, endet merameja mehejaa yatal saw ”
    ” Minaw amina bemotku endiya endeamarebign, meleyet beshita endih saytenabign”
    ” Befresu nalign, be milesilsaw, meche beqilo yawiqal endante yale saw ”

    Ayiii masinqooo….

  5. You use the word blacks? In the pejorative fine!! I will insult you, Russian and many eastern European countries don’t tolerate, a male shoving his penis into another males Anus. Are you going to describe East Europeans as those whites or Slavs? I am glad you don’t visit Africa your not required and you can take you dilated, torn soft tissue Anus and jump off a cliff.

  6. Homosexuality has been taboo in Africa for thousands of years and I was merely pointing out that what you write can be found in other places. Especially Eastern Europe next time use the word black people not ‘blacks’ racism towards black people still exists or you wouldn’t get stupid books like the bell curve. You said “tend to be the most homophobic?’ which is ridiculous your language sounds like the same apologists for slavery who say it’s the Africans fault.

  7. I studied European history does this make me a Eurocentric too? You dipstick keep talking complete shit with nothing to back it up I’ll keep laughing at you.

  8. @aman1844 are you for real? saying there aren’t gay in ethiopia is simply ignorant !! If you don’t want to acknowledge that is fine but don’t spread your limited opinion!!

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