Betelhem Bekele Abejehu Ethiopian Ethiopia Habesha Amharic Music dvd Quality Zefen

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  1. I was asked you to share us Betelihem’s song ASTEWISHE. but not the 2nd the1st one please…………!!!!!

  2. Way gud zemenu Satan imimogesibet hone.hulum le musica tegezi hone.ende american artistoch mind controlled indatihonu,plse worship God,as we Ethiopians have historical tie to our religion.don’t be like rihana and Beyonce who currently worship Satan after selling their soul,most artists in mainstream music industry directly or indirectly worship Satan.

  3. You don’t have any idea what am come you call me idiot,you son of my bitch.

  4. Balege neh. Maneh ante judge and jury yaderegeh about anybody. So anyone who is not pente is worshipping satan. You don’t even know your self.  Music and songs are Ethiopian soul. you and your ilk have sold your soul to imported religion and now here you try to preach us. Go and fool yourself. Endew sibek siluh you tube lay new ende. kil.

  5. I’m Sudanese and I’m so in Love with Ethiopians and their Music.Jah Bless.African Unification.Eternity Love.

  6. Selam12ful you are a are woyane,cuse woyane plan destroy youth through they talk about building dam on Nile river. do anyone remember War with Eritrea,now they want men and women especially amahara go in to war against Egypt and finally tplf leaders make all money and fire Ethiopian heroes who fight for Ethiopian freedom.

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