CARMEN AMARE – habesha chick rappin’

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CARMEN AMARE, 16 years old rapper, Freestyle, Eritrean femal rapper, Eritrea, Habesha, Asmara, Viral – rapper.

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  1. young lady you r def represintin for all habeshas and young folks specifically females keep it cominu signed yet love??where u located?

  2. give her a biscuit these girls are a dime a dozen around the world check out all the other girl rappers around the world she should be getting nicky m. $ if that be the case

  3. in case you didn’t know this is the norm for the new world wrap everybody around the world does the same thing, some get paid, some don’t, is she richer than nicky minaj, case close!

  4. Is she really habesha!?!?!?! IF so im pretty sure she gonna be the next “THE WEEKEND”.

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