DEPARTURES — “Ethiopia: Saints and Snakes” … [PART 1]

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DEPARTURES — “Ethiopia: Saints and Snakes” … [PART 1] Director of Photography: Andre Dupuis Producer: Jessie Wallace & Steven N. Bray Co-producer: Darren …

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  1. The roof of the castle of Adyam Seged Iyasu (Iyasu the Great) at 15:10 collapsed in 1942 during WW II when the British Royal Air Force dropped a bomb on it in an attempt to drive out the Italian Fascist Army, which was encamped in the castle grounds.

  2. This is beyond amazing guys. I have actually learned a lot about my country just by watching these two videos. I hope you really enjoyed your time there, and I pray I too get too the opportunity and pleasure to visit these places, and thank you for giving the world a chance to get a glimpse of Ethiopia’s history and its different cultures!!!

  3. That old man in the end he killed me. You guys are so brave and you seem like a lot of fun to travel with too.

  4. all sthe racist that say africa has no history stay away from videos like this because they look foolish! great post

  5. @7.05 the children weren’t watching the 2 white guys, they were attentive to their teacher.
    the children respect their teacher and education, well done Ethiopians.

    respect their teacher and their education..

  6. That was a good clip. Good Job guys. The old man made my day. The drink is called Tella, or siwa. local alcohol drink. God Bless!

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