Des Yelal – Ethiopia Music Video (ep. 6 of 6) | Beat Making Lab | PBS Digital Studios

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Des Yelal (it feels good) is the final song and music video from the Ethiopia Beat Making Lab. Filmed in collaboration with a Ethiopian filmmaker Tsgaye Ermi…

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  1. the way that they use interesting samples and attempt to help people is
    STOLEN from Mr. Green’s live from the streets.. these people should be
    ashamed for trying to take credit.

  2. That… came out of nowhere? Green isn’t building studios and teaching
    workshops, and he hasn’t invented sampling or recording people. Besides,
    his sampling style is completely different than this. Srsly, wtf. oO

  3. OMG OMG OMG – amazing. Loved the slow motion, loved the dancers and the
    outfits – the amazing growth of the class over 2 weeks is incredible.
    Congrats to Stephen (aka applejuice kid) and Pierce – really spectacular.
    Cannot wait for Season 2!!!

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