Dr Eleni Zaude Gabre Madhin Ethiopian Ethiopia Habesha Amharic dvd Quality

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Much has recently been made of her ethnic identity although this is a matter of no relevance whatsoever to a reasoned discourse on the existence of the Ethio…

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  1. ይኼ ዶማ ራስ ቃል ጠያቂ አንዴ እርሶ ይላል ቆይቶ ደግሞ አንቺ ይላል። ምን ደንባራው ነው ባካቹ።

  2. ዶር እሌኒን “ወ/ሮ እንባ ቀንጣሽ” እንበላታ። አሃሃሃሃሃሃሃሃሃሃሃ አሳቀችኝ። እንባ ቀንጥሼ ክፍል እገባ ነበር?? አይ
    እሌኒ አስቂኝ ነሽ።

  3. አማርኛሽ የጠራ መሆኑ ገርሞኛል ይህንን ያህል ውጭ አገር ቆይተሽ ከልጅነትሽ ጀምሮ። አንዳንዱ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ቁጭ ብሎ
    የሚከረፋ አማርኛ የሚናገር ስንት አለ። ትንሽ በእድሜ ትበልጭኛለሽ ግን ባክሽ ወ/ሪት ከሆንሽ እስኪ እኔ ልጥበስሽ!

  4. Pround of you, my sister. I know it is not easy being in Ethiopia with all
    your education, your intelligency and hard work, There are much tempting
    and lucrative oppurtunies some where else. I hope you stick with

  5. Inspiring and Intelligent woman better than many male phd holders. Please
    keep your vision clear and try not to deviate from it. I hope you stay in
    Ethiopia and help us…. Thanks a lot!

  6. In this world, there are ordinary people and, there are extraordinary
    people. “In this world of over-rated pleasures And under-rated treasures
    I’m so glad, there is you.” Extraordinary, ‘ye hager mekuria’, treasure!

  7. I don’t understand why this woman is attracted media attention. Is that
    because she monopolize/took all Gulit job from poor farmers and farmer’s
    wives. We have so many female Doctors in Ethipia. The dedicate their day to
    day lives to work hard and help poor all over the country with very small
    salary(just like a slave). This one is just a thief and friends of
    dictators, she is just empty can.

  8. ”የሚከረፋ አማርኛ የሚናገር ስንት አለ” ማለትህ/ሽ ባይገርምም አስገምቶሃል። ለማናቸውም የሚጥመው የአማርኛ አነጋገሯ
    ሳይሆን አንደበቷ የሚያፈልቃቸው በሳል ቃላት ናቸው። ይህን ባለማስተዋልህ አላዋቂ ሆነህ እንዳይሆን ሰጋሁልህ። 😉

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