Egypt and Ethiopia – FAKE NATIONS

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  1. If those Arab white monkeys attack mother Ethiopia African American will
    come the aid of our mother land. We need no ones permission to manipulate
    our lands you starved Africa and Africans in Africa and abroad who cares
    about little devils dying we no longer care about any whites or their
    puppets get out of Ethiopias daughter Egypt or pay the consequences.

  2. You think we destroyed you hyksos garbage before try now and we will show
    the true meaning of Africa’s supremacy there and abroad. Black African
    Power. You lie you arabs have no ancient history in Africa let alone egypt
    you did not build the pyramids nubians did you are foreigners in our sacred
    lands leave our lands you history theives. You are white dogs you are not
    Egyptians you are caveman pink sun burning monkeys we were the first and
    shall be the last.

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