Egypt to boycott negotiations with Ethiopia and Sudan

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Egypt has announced it will boycott negotiations with Ethiopia and Sudan on the Renaissance Dam under construction by Ethiopia on the river Nile. Egypt says …

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  1. Egyptians, you can take it to whoever Justice people are. There is nothing
    more Justice than building “a small” dam on our soil. The bigger dams will
    follow then.

  2. This talk of “escalation” is a veiled reference to military action against
    Ethiopia. You can see the utter contempt in the eyes of the Ahram news
    head. She would have Egypt invade Ethiopia right now if she had a say.
    Egypt complains about Ethiopia’s unwillingness to budge. It’s no worse
    than Egypt’s unwillingness to relinquish the 1929 Anglo-Egyptian Nile
    agreement which purports that Egypt should have imperial powers over the
    water resources of upstream nations and the executive power to oversee, to
    approve and disapprove, efforts of upstream nations to use that water. It
    is illegal and a direct affront to the sovereignty of Ethiopia. Egypt must
    tear it into a thousand pieces before upstream countries can trust them
    fully! How can you make a peace deal with someone, shake their hand while
    they’re hold a gun in the other? Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan had already
    performed an extensive study of the dam last year (May 2013). But because
    it wasn’t to Egypt’s liking, that it didn’t say that the dam was a threat,
    they decided to ignore it and call for a new panel of experts. But they
    are ignoring their own experts who already said the dam would cause no
    appreciable harm. This goes to show you is they are not looking to be
    fair; they just want to maintain political and economic power in the
    region. You can’t change the rules in the middle of the game. Egypt can
    play the victim all they want, but they don’t have a case. Ethiopia has
    every right to withhold construction details as long as Egypt is still
    desperately holding on to a colonial treaty that is dead on arrival. The
    self-entitlement and arrogance of these people amazes me.

  3. Egypt while you’re suffering from “water poverty”, tell that to the trendy
    resorts, hotels and cruise liners. Ethiopians have suffered from all out
    poverty for too long. If your water is scarce why don’t you contact your
    oil rich friends like UAE and Saudi Arabia that have given to you billions
    of dollars in aid. Ask them to spend the money on massive desalination
    plants on the Mediterranean and Red Sea, to serve at least half of the
    populace. Dubai, which no water source but the sea have done it
    successfully. Sheik Mohammed said recently that Egypt “represents the
    heart of Arab Ummah”. So that being the case, you have an endless cash
    flow that Ethiopia doesn’t have. No Excuses Egypt!

  4. Nile belongs to Ethiopia. We will fight for it! Read your history,
    Ethiopian vs Egyption war 1874 to 1876. You might have old American weapons
    but we have some many brave Ethiopian. Allahu Akbar!

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