Eritrea – “እቶም ክልተ ጎባልል” – A Story of two Eritrean Heroes

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The story of two Heroic Eritrean Peoples liberation Fighters (EPLF) – Jemil Hassen and Mokria Taddesse (Mokonen) who single handedly took over of a very stra…

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  1. Wow true heroes, killing is wrong, especially when you are brothers killing
    each other, my opinion is bravery doesn’t always come at the cost of death,
    May god bless all the families of the thousands upon thousands of dead
    fighters from both Ethiopia and Eritrea….It is time to support unity and
    love so that we as Africans can become a strong people..

  2. Frist all stay the fuck off Eri sight wedi shermuta agame .Shabia never lie
    or cope every thing on this is real thirty years war is no joke it will
    remain for ever EPLF . Agames has nothing to offer but lies and suffering.

  3. Thank the traitor woyane leadership, for your so called fiction victory
    wedi shermuta! we know u for what u are….fagote shabia! listero!

  4. Haters, this is true and they did. So if you want hate, you can hate but
    can’t take this bravely work! Eri for live!

  5. The land is mother of many many heroes such Jemil Hassen and Mekonen
    Taddesse. Still many to come………

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