Eritrean Ethiopian Habesha Girls – Love Song Tigrigna Derfi Old Zefen

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Eritrean Ethiopian Habesha Girls – Love Song Tigrigna Derfi Old Zefen.

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  1. African American women can thank us for repressing the black beauty and
    they can go along and admire and try to aspire to be like us.

  2. the women start becoming more plain as the video goes on. There are a few
    near the end that grabbed my attention but not enough to redeem the slowly
    downward spiraling video. Some of them in the first minute were impossibly
    hot, but 0:49 takes the cake

  3. Habeshachannel, Habesha Girls are so beautiful I can’t have enough of them.
    Temetka zey’tsgeba tsbukat fitret tewodadarE zeybelen.. Am surprise how did
    u managed to get all this beautiful girls photos. At the end thx for
    sharing it with all of us.

  4. Ehy do Africans keep leaving their continent? Just unite, rid yourself of
    Arabs and all islamic influences and focus on nation building

  5. it is not our culture to show boobs, private, and buttock and smoking
    hookah in public. please,if you can, show the correct tradition of people
    you wish to represent.

  6. Wow call me old fashioned there are many decent and much closer to the true
    beauty of our women/sisters/mom’s/daughters. .. This video must be made by
    tplf the true and only destroyer of the dignity and integrity of our old
    and sacred history and culture!

  7. I was wondering what I will find if I wrote Eritrean girl on the searching
    bottom .. I really shocked .. Shame on u ,…! Even the Christian girls are
    not like this ..! فشلتووووووووني ..

  8. Zephaniah 2:12 Ye Ethiopians also, ye shall be slain by my sword. You
    Habesha are going to be concubines in the kingdom of heaven. ” Mawath wa
    ahbad laka kal kawash wa qam yasharahla laka kal labachaaryam”. Habesha
    iyasha wa ahmar lachaanah wa amah wa qabah ba hamalakwath shamayam

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