ESAT Special Dr. Birhanu Nega testimony Ethiopia

Watch latest Ethiopian videos here and Share on with your friends – Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) ESAT is the first independent Ethiopian Satellite Television service and Radio Station who broa…

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  1. Record numbers of refugees are leaving the country, regardless of the
    risks, because so little opportunity exists for the average person, let
    alone for more outspoken dissenters. Laws such as the Charities and
    Societies Proclamation[iii] have literally closed down civil society,
    replacing institutions with TPLF/ERPDF controlled look-alike organizations.
    A vague anti-terrorism law[iv] has been used to silence journalists,
    editors, democracy activists, religious leaders and opposition members by
    intimidating them, arresting them or charging and imprisoning them as
    terrorists. Examples are our heroes of freedom such as Eskinder Nega,
    Reeyot Alemu and Andualem Arage.

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