Ethiopia – Amazing Talented girl dance wins the attention of judges and audience

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  1. what kind of ethiopian jugement she is not suppose to be there to dance
    this kind of its not for her age I am sorry to see this kind of bulshit

  2. Very cute little girl! She is an amazing dancer and very entertaining but I
    think that kind of dance is a little inappropriate for a young girl her age.

    God bless her and her future! :)

  3. i will never support this kind of dance for her age this is awful i cant
    even c the whole thing anyways GOD belss the lil girl 

  4. I want to slap her mother and father for letting that child go on stage
    and dance like that! There’s nothing wrong with this child, the problem is
    whoever taught her how to dance like that, and her parents who allowed her
    to go there and dance like an adult. She’s great though, but please teach
    this child traditional dances or at least, appropriate dances! I couldn’t
    even continue watching past 1:27

  5. very stupid.y do her parents let zis kid 4 zat kind of dance?.recently i hv
    heard zat in ethiopia z crisis of sex tourism is boosting.i think
    medias,films,..hv their own contribution 4 zis.wt zey make hear and show us
    invites 2 sex.inam teteyaknet alebachew

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