Ethiopia and the history not seen

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  1. I love how humble and sincerely interested he is about the history. He
    makes an excellent reporter . I myself was born to a yemeni father and a
    Ethiopian mother. Couldn’t be any more proud of my rich historical heritage

  2. Africa is stealing people’s history. The real Jews were semetic closest to
    the Assyrians. Assyrians are the oldest people

  3. are you positive read isaiah 11 if that was the truth why did they flee
    into africa the semetic clan which ham infiltrated judah song of solomon i
    am black and beautiful to the women of isreal nooo

  4. moses married an ethiopian and had children much like solomon and these
    idiots who write racist comments will soon come to know. G-d punishes
    Moses’ sister for being racist in tge Bible for this same reason. all
    peoples originated from africa and I refuse to let anyone with see through
    skin make me or my people feel like less than for having more

  5. If this kept lie from us for so many years then how are we to believe
    whatever a Judeo-Christian person, or Minister or any other man or women
    says?!?! Even parts of the Bible?!?! Can someone answer me that!??!

  6. Your not supposed to BELIEVE anything anyone says until you can back it
    with proof or evidence. Then there is no need to believe, you just know.
    Knowledge is power, belief is for the powerless.

  7. I am reading comments here and i hear people saying that Africa is stealing
    other people’s history and making it their own. I find these comments
    hilarious but intriguing as well because i was reading an article recently
    written by an anthropology who went to Nigeria decades where he found a few
    artifacts build by the Yoruba ppl and he claim he discovered the last Greek
    islands because there is no way blacks could build those artifacts. Also i
    hear whites saying Egypt is not in Africa

  8. CT,, ‘not European’ as it began but for Euro-white purposes- of
    rather recent times, Xianity is European. For the Euro-white that is the
    extent of ‘their truth’ and that is all they need to hear to know it true.

  9. The Euro-white Xian mind must absolutely reject the time-bound reach of
    this ancient Black people’s world. In the psychological scramble of the
    2013 Euro-whites includes that humans are space created creatures, or human
    are creations of some other fantastic superior life form,

  10. Is this the best this muppet could do! When you look at the state of the
    ppl you could accept how they could believe in the past exsistence of a K/
    solomon. But for this educated prick to be chasing this fictional character
    is ridiculous. The wisdom and teachings attributed to K.S came from The
    ‘House’. K/ David is nothing more than an imitation of someone very real.
    and Black pple build Temples not Fucking castles that’s a e/pean invention,
    not unlike the torah another corruption of theirs.

  11. You got it backwards bud, the influence was on those outside and not the
    other way around as far as architecture. What’s new is the pictorials of a
    mythical figure “Jesus” as albian 

  12. So then,@09:00 of the DVD, when the Black Egyptians fled the Greek
    invasion, the religious Black xian interest fled to Ethiopia; the
    epistemology of the Black scholars fled to western Africa. In the 1st
    council at Nicaea the Euro-white version of xianity was created; the Arius
    version is still represented by the Ethiopian xians? The epistemology of
    the Black Egyptian came out again in Moorish Spain? Hmmm?

  13. the narrator fails to disclose the battle the occurred in harat and why the
    portuguese first came to ethiopia.the Europeans were sent by the queen of
    their country to destroy islam from the horn of africa and if asked the
    people in the market will have told him about the somali resistance leader
    Ahmed Gurey,who defended the city and from the Alliance of the christians
    to destroy the muslims and the city was his capital,the christian kingdom
    rule the highlands thus were referred as the highlanders. 

  14. Hypothesis? A few years ago an ancient city was found off the coast of
    India under the ocean waters. Seems ‘they said’ its about ten thousand
    years old, maybe more. It is said Black Africans were part of ancient
    India, the remains of their cosmology seem very alike.When the city was
    lost did the Blacks return to Ethiopia and those in India became the Hindu
    people? The Ethiopians then turned westward and with the Sudan Blacks
    together they concentrated on ancient Egypt, is this possible?

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