Ethiopia China sign Ethio Djibouti railway construction Ethiopian Habesha Amharic

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  1. The stuff looked good to me. If them develope a tradition like Kenya, which
    was doing everythinat its best to reach out the way it put the Virtuual
    City Plan of Tatu City/ $10 B, they have to put the Light Rail Plan which
    was gossiped as First Floor Addis out there. Investors can plan ahead. The
    train is fine. That other one brought $23 Billion to Kenya without dropping
    a penny but practice good tube. I saw the $60 Million Road Project because
    of something like Tatu on time. Seein is heeeeee

  2. Ethiopia(previous owner) gives 720 million dollars annually for Djibouti to
    use its ports 16% of its gdp don’t get it

  3. ohoooo, Ii des neeeeee…..there’s no danger, they are *skillfully*
    cleaning up a train crash. train crashes happen in almost every country.
    Are you upset that Japan didn’t do anything to build Africa’s

  4. what do you mean by (previous owner) don’t you know history? Ethiopia lost
    its ports because of the independence of Eritrea after a war between them
    .That is why Ethiopia began trade relationships with Djibouti in order to
    use the port of Djibouti .But the geography of Ethiopia is too recent
    ,there were many tribes and even Menelik,king of Amhara conquered the
    Somali muslim territories as Harar ,and Ethiopia took also Diredawa-Ogaden
    Somali region ,because of the britishs colonists,Selaam

  5. menilik II gave the province of djibouti for 99 years and in return they
    would build a train rail, loius Pasteur research facility and lycee
    highschools but djibouti got its independence before ethiopia could reclaim
    it. And that is the history. as far as the rest ethiopia is the only
    country in africa that was not conquered and scavenged like a meat by white
    supremacisits, that my friend is history

  6. I am sorry you don’t know the history of Djibouti,the frenshs made a
    treaty,Agreement with the Issa-Somali Chiefs and that is why it was called
    “Côte des Somali” the Frensh Somaliland. Ethiopia is not Amhara
    Province,Menelik invaded the territories of other ethnic groups as
    Oromos,Afars and Somalis ,with the help of british colonists, the Amharic
    tribal chief got Ogaden, a Somali region.I think if Ethiopia keep still
    that territory another Imam Guray “Gragne” will reconquer Habesha Land .

  7. Ethiopia could not reclaim Djibouti ,because , the Agreement,treaty was
    signed by Issa-Somali chiefs and not Amhara tribal chief “Menelik” or
    ‘Haile Selassié ” .the Italians invaded Ethiopia , the Somalis muslims
    conquered 2/3 of Ethiopia in 16th century ad and you said yet ,Ethiopia is
    not colonised ? Yes,I am proud that Ethiopia struggled against european
    imperialists, but there were many droughts,genocide and wars, made by the
    ethiopian rulers .Past is Past,now ,we have to build together !

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