Ethiopia entices foreign investors

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Once known for its closed economy, Ethiopia is now an enticing prospect, with investors moving their money into many sectors. Katrina Manson, The FT’s East A…

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  1. financial times tell ur government to stop commiting genocide against the amhara people we ethiopians no bill gates the british the US aid is helping to commit genocide against the amhara people against our tewahdo church we kno u devils are behind it

  2. i didn’t know that, the amharas are one of the majorities arent they? did u see that by yourself that amharas getting killed, if yes by whom???

  3. there is a video called amhara genocide it was recorded by a youth movement in ethiopia you can watch it on online but its a known fact in ethiopia that this is going on and its reaching a point when this can no longer go on we kno the british government and the US governtment knows about this because they fund it in the name climate change and saving children but targeting a specific people in ethiopia with population reduction programme is genocide

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