Ethiopia – Full Speech by Ethiopian Betsegaw Tadele, Morehouse College’s 2013 Valedictorian

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  1. why all black? in USA university school are different for black and for whait they are all only black people

  2. Im so tirreeedddd of these idiots who still think you have to be black to go to an HBCU.. I just wonder what kind of rock people live under who always say that.

  3. at: DSNCB919 can u pls shut the hell up? Stop talking this scrap n accept the truth, this guy the one u looking at the video is super winner n Legend .. Peep

  4. ethiopia has many dayinamic and briliant students like you but stil now she is under alot of problems her briliant childrens migrate foreign country whay ????? no one trayis to change our poverty our political problems !!!!!! betsegaw you are one of those briliant child of ethiopia ……….. i think you didnt like to come ethiopia ….b/c …??????????

  5. you have no idea how repeatedly i’m listening it.It gives me a bundle of inspiration whenever i listened to it, what an impressive score,a delightful commencement ,and a great memorable speech!!!!!!!!! Ohhhh… U’re so hard working and lucky,we’re so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! May God keep blessing you with his limitless grace.

  6. menn his speech really brought me into tears because i truly felt his upcoming and the hard work he put in to get to where he is…he really is an inspiration to me as a college student working hard to get to where he is.

  7. It’s because it’s an HBCU (historically black college/university). Most HBCU’s were created when blacks were legally prevented from going to mainstream (“white”) universities in the 1800’s. Whites aren’t prevented from going to HBCU’s but clearly most don’t (though some actually do) lol.

  8. Betsegaw, when am listening your preach my tears is shedding down due to extremely contentment as a single Ethiopian I proud of you because you magnified your country name in public generally history has been made by you in 2013. May God bless reaches you forever and ever…

  9. Tha one presan took like thes by confedans i dont see befor god pleac you and youer family we love you

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