ETHIOPIA: Gambella’s hidden treasures

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Gambella – Ethiopia’s wet western most region – shelters an important wildlife population. Livelihood and landscape are linked, with water as major resource….

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  1. Beautyful landscape around Gambella! I know Gambella pretty well, I was there for about half a year as a helicopter pilot. I loved it!
    Thanx for this nice video!
    Cheers, Dee

  2. Ha! Gambella airfield! I recognized it right away. 🙂 I’ve landed there about 60 or 70 times. 🙂

  3. I’m visiting Gambella in less than three weeks. I can’t wait. Thanks for the video.

  4. I was in gambella last year, but i never knew there were so many animals. It makes me wanting to go back!

  5. Gambella is so rich in natural resource and one of the hot spots of biodiversity. This national heritage needs to be preserved for ecotourism which can benefit the local people, the animals and the country as a whole. But the ever increasing rush for land grab is very alarming. The selling of land to foreigners that was started by the late dictator needs to be reversed.

  6. this is the land of my ancestral people and where I also born.
    Iam concerned that it will loose its great tresure once it is exploitted
    without great care in place for future sustainability.

  7. Where is Gambella exactly?,… Is it in the South West in the Lands of the Turkana, Nuer, and other peoples I can’t name right now?,…. If the land grap does not cease, these peoples will rebell against the Northern domination….. We all know the example of the Sudan. I’m sure Kenya and South Sudan will welcome their brothers desire for freedom/independence. Ethiopia needs to respect all its people. Only demoracy can bring about long lasting stability.

  8. you are funny – 1st you asking where is Gambella.. then you admit gambela is in southern ethiopia… hehehehahaaha you are too funny man….. LOL – u ust be drunk probably

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