Ethiopia – Interview with comedian Filfilu after he was beaten by group of gangs

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  1. Melasehem yaldebedebut sibesachu meznaja endayatu belew new gen yasaznal
    endew esti sew filfelun ayto midebadeb ale yemisek enji yetenadede yemiasek
    jegna enezin makom seyaketew yegermal

  2. Weyane did this to him & Seifu knows that- he’s one of them. It wasn’t a
    robbery; it was a targeted attack at Filfilu and his family, to terrorize
    and hurt them. That kind of robbery is unheard of…if it was $ montivated,
    the criminals outnumber one man & two women. 10ppl didn’t have to jump him
    or hit his wife in a way that could have ended their lives, or bring
    machetes to the robbery. Goodness. May the God of the oppressed prevail and
    give these ppl their long overdue punishment.

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