Ethiopia – Kenenisa beats Mo Farah

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  1. Yes. Go Bekele. I am freaking tired of Mo Farah. I am glad Bekele kicked Farah’s butt!
    Bekele and Haile the two best distance runners in the world!!!!
    A healthy Bekele will break everyone’s butt especially Farah. You are going down Farah!!!!!
    (excetp Haile and Dathan Ritz who I like a lot)

  2. Mohammed Farah could NOT beat Kenenisa at his weakest point in his career. ON his hey day Farah couldnt not be qualified enough to polish Kenenisa’s shoes.

  3. Mo Farah is the Double Olympic/World Champion guys !! Go Mo we love you, you’ve done well for your first Great North Run. 2nd place is not bad.

  4. What a race! This was pleasing for these spectators. I enjoyed it, a little more than those who were there. Truly a magnificent performance. Congratulations to these participants, amazing. I love track and field.

  5. I am so glad that Bekele kicked Mo’s butt. I am tired and sick of tired people comparing Mo to Bekele or Haile. Mo is not even close in being “greatness” as Bekele or Haile. I hate Mo, and a Healthy Bekele would have never let Mo win the Olympics and world champs.
    I hope Bekele keeps destroying Mo Farah!

  6. Success breeds haters. Mo Farah said many times that he looks up to Bekele when he was coming up no one compares them but Farah is a legend right now like it or not he is double Olympic, three time world champion, 2 time double European champ and the second person to hold both doubles. what do you have? just another hater on youtube.

  7. this is spacial mind not only leg , Kenenisa special not for now also for future! thank u kenanisa for ur victory , CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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