Ethiopia: New Fugera News leak about Betty from Big Brother Africa | August 2013

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  1. ante tota endarekew 1 birr cheap nehe. distraction yemitelew meselteneh newe min tefetero newe distraction yemithonew betty.chinkilat binorehe balance argeh tinager neber.yalkew hulu ewnet bihonim you forgot to address the main issue her immoral behavior and ooen porno carrying the flag and what lesson she tried to communicate to the young girls.poletikengam yareehal komikm yaregehal i think you are just confussed guy immitating jon stewart

  2. ሴት ልጅ እንዴት ኢትዮጵያን ወክላ ስታበቃ በኣደባባይ ትሰረራለች?

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