Ethiopia vs Nigeria – 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification – CAF 3rd Round 1 leg

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  2. Nothing so special about this Ethiopian team, they are very inexperienced. Nigerian Super Eagles played to their games plan. SE was more experienced and it really showed. The amount of possessions did not really matter, what matters was the final score!. The Ethiopian played at home and they lost. They will be humiliated in the 2nd leg in Nigeria.

  3. Ethiopia have improved but lack both talent and expiriance. They play a nice style though.

    I don’t see Nigeria dominating in Nigeria. Ethiopia play better on good grass. Probably a draw in Nigeria.

  4. tnxs 4 uploading z best & wonderful dominated match by African Barcelona Ethiopian players(wallyas) we lost our advantage via fuck up and corruption Cameroon referee

  5. ያበሳጫል፣ ባላየው ይሻለኛል። ኣዳነ ከወጣ በኋላ ቡድኑ ጥርስ ኣጣ። በጣም ሳሱ እሱ ከወጣ በኋላ ወይም ድካም ነው መሰለኝ። ከዚህ ምን መማር ይችላል? ፩) ጉልበትና ትንፋሽ መቆጠብ ፪) የሚሰሩትን ጥቃቅን የረዳ ወይም የኣማተር ስህተቶች ማረም ፫) ፍፁም ቅጣት ክልል ውስጥ ጥፋት ኣለመስራት ፬) ልጆቹ ሲዳከሙ ስልት መቀየር፣ ሁሌ የተካለበ ኣጨዋወት ተጫዋች ያደክማል። ፭) ኣጠቃቁን በይበልጥ የሰላ ማድረግ።

  6. ኢትዮጵያኖች ኣሁኑኑ እጅ ሰጥተናል መሰለኝ፣ ከራሴም ስሜት ጭምር ሳየው። ይህ ስሜት በተጫዋቾቹና በኣሠልጣኞች ጎራ ውስጥ የሠፈነ ከሆነ በብዙ ግብ መሸነፋችን ኣይቀርም። ካላባ የሚሉት ቦታ እጅግ ሞቃታማና ወበቃም ነው ይባላል ስለዚህ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ቆላማና ወበቃም ቦታ ሄደው ልምምድ ማድረግ ኣለባቸው። ናይጀሪያ ሄደን ድልን ከብብቻቸው ነጥቀን በዛውም በጥፊ ብለናቸው መመለስ ኣለብን። በእንደዚህ ኣይነት ወኔ እና ፍፁም ቁርጠኝነት ካልሄድን መሸነፋችን ኣይቀርም።

  7. Don’t be a sore loser. its so funny you called the Ethiopians “African Barcelona”. Until they win a major Tournament they are no force to reckon with.

  8. Soccer is about the score line not about who plays better. They are very ineffective in front of goal. I am not worried about Ethiopia in Nigeria because even a draw will be difficult for them.

  9. It is not how good you play that wins the game, it is scoring more goals than your opponent. The disallowed goal was just above the line, it did not cross totally. The Ref was far away from it, but the lines man was looking straight and did not give it. Ethiopians feel cheated because the were more organised in the game.

  10. Funny Enough, Ethiopia can still win in calabar if they take their chances. Aim for goals and not Entertainment without goals.

  11. I am so much happy with the game style we have played on the pitch. But that doesn’t mean we are too much good unless and otherwise we score goals. As an Arsenal fan I have not am not dissatisfied with the result registered. I would rather complain about the poor referring that has been displayed by the Cameroonians.

    Hopeful, we will beat Nigerians at their own backyards.

  12. No corruption, you lost to a superior side. In Nigeria, we’ll beat you guys at least 3 – 0. Remember I wrote this.

  13. Quit dreaming, Ethiopia has no chance of winning anything in Nigeria. We just broke the record with this victory. The most African World Cup Qualifier games without a loss. The last time we lost was 9 years ago.

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