Ethiopian – ማንነቴ # 2

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  1. It could have been a great comedy with out the gay bashing. I personally
    think being gay is a life style and unnatural towards being human, that’s
    my personal belief, at the same time that doesn’t give me the right to
    chase gay people with a stick all over the neighborhood! 

  2. Bitami tru asetmare yhona nwe kihlumi yhilatu fikrgamcoci tolo yikire
    ymabablcwe part tmctogal lalwem bitami nays 

  3. What a hypocrite, do u know that image of white god is a faggot lover of
    Leonardo Davinchi? Mehayem mehon mebedel new.Why didn’t he post a black god
    in his wall insted of the white devil who introduced homosexuality to
    Africa. Degmo mindnew kaltefa migeb berger berger yemilut berger eko ye
    Ethiopia migeb aydelem. 

  4. Eye mizewochun alalkushim eko abatu…this movie was an eye opening. It is
    sad that we have come to this.

  5. እግዚአብሄር ኢትዮ/ን ይባርክ እማ አምላክት ተብቀን በጣም አስተማሪ ነው 


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