Ethiopian gospel music – Daniel Amdemichael Mezmur

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  1. selamen etewilachihualew ENE yemisetew selam alem endemiset aydelem,
    yegetta sim yibarek, AMEN.

  2. መዝሙሩ ለጌታ ከተዘመረ ለምንድን ነው በገበያላይ የሚውለው? እየሱስ በነጻ ተሰጥቶአችኋል በነጻ ስጡ ነው ያለው!

  3. 1. It is giving us the opportunity to participate on the teaching of the Gospel or telling of the Good news for those who are in darkness. every person can’t be a preacher but can be the foot and hands of the missionaries through there blessings 2. at least to cover the publication or copy cost ….the voice and the songs are indeed gift from God! so we need to encourage the person to sing more to use the grace once more to serve Gods nation

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