Ethiopian gospel music – Ephrem Alemu Mezmur

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Ephrem Alemu’s 2nd album now available at:

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  1. Relax Dude, and dont forget that all of us are entitled to our opinion. You like him? Good for you. For me, it is hoyahoye, I repeat, HOYAHOYE! I hope that clears it up.

  2. @simrew
    first of all why you listen this song if its hoyahoye, he or nobody forces you to watch this video, what ever you talk he is way better than you……….you dont have life so try to have life !

  3. have a life, if it is hoyahoye why you watch it, you can wait up to august 13 to see hoyahoye……….by the way he is way better than you so its better to be quit rather than talking……… life just complaining only……….huuuuuuuuuu

  4. All bad comments betam new yemitasazinut efrem geta yibark kena yilik ante nek yawekibet so god bless u and dont give up!!

  5. i love this song because i know that jesus has me , and i know nothing and no one can stand in his way because he is the kings of kings and lord of lords. jesus forever be prased.

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