Ethiopian gospel song – Dagmawi Tilahun New Mezmur (Dagi)

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  1. Thanks for posting, God is good. May the worship ministry of all Ethiopians flourish. Thanks Dagi and your team for faithfully delivering such wonderful songs. May God reward you, with crowns of life.

  2. the song is good but dagi dont tell for the people haw they worship god yetale chbchba or something let holly sprit move it is not by your inshetiv ok thankyou

  3. Robelthag u r rihgt but that’s whay he is leading z worship that is part of it…leading people to praise God !!!! GBU.

  4. I love it too. But I´d like to know the meaning. Can you help me please? Thnx a lot and have a great 2011!!!

  5. awww i only understand a lil bit too…i really cant translate amharic am sorry 🙁
    n thanks for the wish..i hope u have a great 2011 as well “)

  6. Thnx a lot for your answer. It seems that Dagi and Sami are Christians, right?
    What about you? Are you Ethiopian and Christian too?
    I´d like to know more about Ethiopia and its people
    HAVE A SUPER 2011!!!

  7. lyrics
    when I consider God’s favor to me, gratitude is not enough. my life reliance , lord of my life. I feel joy when lord hear my prayer.

  8. it mean ”song” but ONLY christian songs
    it u wanna say ‘song’ but for like songs which r not for Jesus Christ then u call it ‘derfi”

  9. Hello people of God


    → No site has the flags to translate as you speak the language … ←

    May come to be blessed with each message


  10. Most of these guys got it right but a better translation would be a hymn its like psalms in the bible thats called mezmur

  11. @tilahungirma Can you translate the lyrics for me please?
    Thnx a lot in advance
    Hugs from Argentina

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