Ethiopian gospel song/Ethiopian christian mezmur 2012Lidiya Kibrie Neh

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Ethiopian gospel song/mezmur 2011 Kibre Neh Eyesus God bless you all.

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  1. Christ is the way, and he will deliver u from any bondage and set u free. Take time and pray the sinners prayer. If u don’t know it just simply say Jesus I know u died for my sins and that you rose up land the third day, I invite you into my heart and accept you as my king and savior, and I thank u for the gift of salvation in Jesus name amen

  2. I prayed that simple prayer and the rest is history…..I m a brand new man through Christ…..pray, read your word and find a local church to attend and fellowship…..may god bless u

  3. What does this mean in english? The song sounds so beautiful. I am very curious to know the translation.

  4. “Auto-tune”. Baaaaah!!! It’s spread everywhere. It’s like a freak’n virus! Doesn’t anybody just plain sing anymore??? This sounds nice, but I’m just sick of auto-tune.

  5. Amen! Yes Lord you are my glory….God bless both of you Lidiya, and the person who posted the song. It’s heavenly song

  6. ጌታ ክብራችን ከሆነ ታድያ መሽሞንሞኑና ይህ ሁሉ ጣጣ (ማለት ይህ በጣም የተደክመበት ቪድዬ) ምን አስፈለገ? ለመታየትና ለመታወቅ ካልሆነ እራስን አዋርዶ ጌታን ከፍ አርጎ መኖሩ አይሻልምን?

  7. sayten hulu gazhe gadele tara kaloten sdke yalele maselone kristose yaserwone sira aga endnserwo yaslbanele lazhe new bacrstose amneow dahneneta mine andhone yalgben zeram eysus kaberchen new come on weak up ex ortho !

  8. እራስን አዋርዶ ጌታን ከፍ አርጎ መኖር ማለት ልብን እንጂ ዉጫዊ አለባበስን አያመለክትም። ዘማርዋ መሽሞንሞንዋ ምንም ነገር አያመለክትም። ቡቱቱ ለብሳ እዝን ብላ ብትዘምርም ኖሮ መንፈሳዊነትዋን እንደማይጨምር ሁሉ። መዝሙሩን የደከሙበት ሁሉ ጌታ ይባርካቸዉ። የምንሰማዉ ሁላችንም ክብራችን ጌታ እንደሆነ የምናስተዉልበትን ልብ ይስጠን። በሰዉ ልብ ዉስጥ ያለዉን እራሱ እግዚአብሔር ቢቻ ያውቃል። የመፍረድ ስልጣንም ያለዉ እርሱ ቢቻ ስለሆነ ፍርዱን ለርሱ እንተወው።

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