Ethiopian Gospel Songs (Instrumental) Mezmur

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The songs are Yibzalh enji misgana and abetu gulbete hoy respectively. I learnt how to play piano by myself and its like my hobby. I Am not that good but hey…

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  1. amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ! yibzalet enji ! ! !
    be bless bro. plz post more instrumental songs. tebarek.

  2. yebzaleh enji mesgana
    yebzaleh enji amlkoye
    yebzaleh enji kibere
    yebzaleh enji amlkoye
    mabzat lene temate new
    yalegn mestew yehen new /2/

    bezuriaye hono telat siawkegn
    yashenefe meslot sifokerebegne
    bechenekegn gize wede ante chohekugn
    semayen kefet argeh ketef alkelegn

    abetu gulbete hoy ewedehalew
    abetu yene geta ewedehalew
    Egziabher gulbete azagn redate
    yemitamenbet honegn redate, honegn redate..

  3. hey, brother u have real good talent. I thank God for that because, i know such a thing like this is from heven. GOD bless u and keep up the good work. inspired us with more insturmental songs…..

  4. I like ur work brother I hope u will upload more…I also play keyboard, u know people could learn from u because I am,u reminded me songs I forgat….God bless u

  5. I do not know, brother, it sounds like to me that you did not learn to play by your self, but perhaps had some help from Our Friend…

  6. I dont know who our friend is. But I learnt that myself since I used to spent alot of time with my toy piano wen I was a kid.

  7. I am not sure if music sheet is available for such ethiopian gospel songs, but I will let you know if i can find one.

  8. Ofcourse I will be glad to help you, but Im affraid that I may not be a great help. Send me message if you have any specific questions.

  9. GOOD JOB, I LIKE IT. @semayawit pls make the video(yibzalih enji) available to everybody, i read ”it is private”

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