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  1. Dope as hellz!makes me wanna grind all nyt long, esp with Baytee lolz! keep
    up da great work brodas & sista !!! This is what we need in Ethiopia !!!

  2. Ante Bere!!! 🙂 Me lovez it man 🙂 p.s. you better add me to ur friend list
    on here addis dj!! 🙂 its me, Boti 🙂

  3. hi AddisDj fine dance music, where is the creativity ? if i use other
    peoples music miix loops like u i could creat ten in an hour. if it had
    real message i would have commpremise. sort ur life I know u can do better
    u got talent

  4. ethiopia peopel 21century slavery music ,political ,social .under u.s.a.we
    know. never free from them. handcape peopel

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