Ethiopian Oromo Music by Hanisha “amma”

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To download!/pages/Hanisha-Solomon/293771350635556 New Rising Star!!!

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  1. Thanks DB92011 FOR The information , we are waiting for Hanisha CD.
    TWO HOURS WEEKLY AND OROMIA TV. ONE Hour weekly minneapolis, is the best
    place to sale Oromo CDS. we loved hanisha song when I heard on VOA AFAAN
    RADIO , I said to my self I have to have this CD. I am in
    Minneapolis,mn.please let know when it is ready.thanks Hanisha.

  2. Thanks Hanii U reminding me my sisters, near family & friends who struggle
    everyday to survive . Ur wonderfull

  3. It comes out from deep of the heart! You are gorgeous! Hanisha! Your voice
    and sound resonates strongly in the ears and hearts of the listener!

  4. helo, Hanisha its realy very nice and you too, I love oromo so much hence I
    started to learn Oromo language to get in touch with your culture so much.
    I like to visit Jima too. I have friends from Oromo. I love oromaoa more
    becauase with them. but where do you live now

  5. Xanisha waa fanaad u dhalatay oromo. caan ku ah. dhaqanka . waxaan ku
    amaanay waa gabar jecel dhaqanka oromo ku fiican dadka somalia

  6. Thank you for your comment,However,the original song was sang by Hanisha
    not by ILfinash,for your info Listen to the interview- go to o Hanisha
    solomon fan page on Facebook.

  7. i have no words to admire u.sirbikee onnee nama seena.yeroo waa’ee jaalala
    dhiiraa fi dubartii qofti sirbamutti sirba addaa bareedaa akkanaa dhaga’uun
    baay’ee keessa koo qabaneessa.qabbanooftuu koo

  8. i have no word to experase my feeling about zis music just too exlnt.hin
    dubatuu malee esaa. sirba barenda jarra kana

  9. Greeting Kushitic brother Sudanese….. These were one country one day I
    mean Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia. READ THE HISTORY AND LISTEN THESE

  10. one love = one country ,everybody must fight for one ETHIOPIA and this day
    will come soon .

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