Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur Zemarit Zerfey Kebede Yeney Nardos

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Ethiopian Orthodox Zemarit Zerfey Kebede Yene nardos.

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  1. በሃይማኖት ጉዞ ፍቅርህን ሰንቄ በእምነት ጋሻና ጦር ወገቤን ታጥቄ ተስፋን ተላብሼ እውነት ተመርኩዤ ድንግል እመቤቴን
    አማላጄን ይዤ ቃልህ እየመራኝ በመንገድህ ላቅና አንተን የፈለገ አያጣህምና፡፡

  2. Proud to be orthodox wouldn’t want it any other way , only if ethiopians
    can stop falling for Modern christianty! Zerfe keep it up your voice is a
    gift from God.

  3. Why do most Ethiopian Orthodox followers hate Jews and Black Americans? Why
    do you say other Christianity denominations are the devil’s? Why do you
    stone and kill gays and lesbians without mercy? Why are you worshiping a
    Jewish, God’s Son and a God of love and mercy, Jesus, if you hate Jews so
    much? You lie about this in public but Jews are looked as sinners and
    easily are prosecuted in your country for their religion. You consider
    Black Americans as stupid people. So much for your kindness.

  4. Your assessment is absolutely incorrect, I can say that you don’t know much
    about what you are talking about. And one more thing, you can’t generalize
    people in any way or anything this days okay. think about it. Thanks

  5. What do you mean by “modern” christianity? “Jesus Christ is the same
    yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8 As long as people worship the
    Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth, what does the denomination

  6. You’ve written this same comment, word for word, on every Ethiopian
    Orthodox video. It’s like you are just trying to pick a fight.

  7. Zemari Melakitin yasemalin. You have an amazing voice and the video is so
    catchy. If we follow God to the end, people will be shock with his work in
    our life. Love it God bless u!

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