Ethiopian Orthodox tewahedo mezmur dn Tewodros Yosef GEBREAL

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This is an Ethiopian orthodox mezmur, by dn. Tewodros Yosef, this mezmur about LIKE MELAEKIT KIDUS GEBREAL. This mezmur is properly made, and about its zema,…

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  1. zemre melaekten yasemalen Dn.Tewodros! endihum hulachenenem yekidus
    Gebreiel wedajoch like melaeket kidus Gebriel bisratun yaseman! Amen!

  2. God Bless You! you are a real example of Ethiopian Orthodox Church song.
    Proud to be Orthodox Christian!

  3. End (3) hitsenit 1) ANENIA, 2)AZERIA & 3 MISEAL end adenkecho egnanim adin.
    God bless U zemeri tedero yosef zmy.

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