Ethiopian Wedding Danny and Beza

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Ethiopian Christian Wedding Mezmur.

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  1. What more is there than giving Praise to the lord on your wedding day.
    Beautiful Video and everybody looks very genuine. God Bless!

  2. Pentecostalisim is a known as a cult and one of the know types of
    christianity that is growing – Cnn ……………………….. Ethiopia
    doesnt need this shit!!!

  3. I love it,,,,,so beautiful thanks for posting dannybz1,,,,,this is lovely
    wow wow God bless you more….hulachum betam tamralachu…love this so much

  4. @acces2011 I dont have any video on this song…her name is Addisalum…u
    might find more of her songs on youtube…..n Thanks for the comment….

  5. I can’t hear the sound, I ‘ve heard it before, it was clear. pls make the
    sound clear! b/c we would love to hear also the sound.thank u

  6. best weeding that i have ever seen. the bride & and groom so wonderful i
    don’t know who u guys are,but i just would like to say God bless ur
    marriage. i can tell u guys are so happy and not normal to see bride or
    groom sing spiritual song on their weeding u did nice job. and u make God
    happy by giving to him your great day, and worshiping him wow. i will do
    same on my weeding day one day….. God bless u

  7. @ecer09 it is harder to translate line by line but the whole idea of the
    song is A new day has come And there will be no more crying All worries are
    gone because the powerful God has come out ahead of my way So I come with
    worship, joy because God taken away all my sorrows … That is the summary
    of the whole song NOT line by line translation.

  8. you guys are awesome i love the song and your wedding. you make me wish my
    wedding to be like yours but am only 17 God bless you all.

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