Ethiopia’s Betty interview with Seifu Fantahun on Tadias 102.1FM

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Ethiopia’s Betty interview with Seifu Fantahun on Tadias Addis Sheger 102.1FM.

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  1. this is not our culture as well as our Ethiopian behavior .she already colonized with western bad civilization.she too much stupid

  2. this is not our culture as well as our Ethiopian behavior .she already colonized with western bad civilization.she too much stupid

  3. በጣም ባለጌ ነሽ እናትሽ ትዋሻለች አንቺም ትዋሻለሽ….ወራዳ ለገንዘብ ብለሽ ክብርሽ የምትሸጪ

  4. your low life bitch Ur very disrespectful to our country and culture that not how u huv fun ur stupid mother fuckin retarded psychotic hoe u heard me Ur hoe u don’t represent Ethiopian. Ethiopian have pride .we want that pride to stand still today,tom and this is not about having fun or misunderstanding Ur simply HOE,HOE,HOE,HOE,HOE,HOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yehoshe alkem becha min endemel beka betam betam betam balge neshe. ethiopian kanche belay betam betam enwekalen choma eras. gen egzabher yerdashe. bagegheshe egelshe neber. betchemare why don”t speak your language why you mix other language we are prod of to be ethiopian ok, you don’t know shit.

  6. Balga degmew atfrem ebda derek yekrta betetykey yeshalal balga zelan ager asdabey nesh nafrya mejmrya yerashshen astsaseb mekyer metal albesh balga derek asdabey ena zelan nesh

  7. እንደ ዶሮ በሜዳ እየተሰረረች ተረዱኝ ትላለች? አይኗን በጨው ታጥባ፣ የማታፍር ጋለሞታ። ቱ ቱ የሞተች ዘር አሰዳቢ።

  8. Betty, you need to have shame. You are speaking contradictory ideas. One thing you are explaining the game is about reality. So, you need to be realistic in the house. You have been acting fake. That was the reason for your immature eviction. You can’t cheat by saying I’m proud of being African while you are underestimating the great Ethiopians. Ethiopians are really great people. But you are always rigid that all Ethiopians can’t understand what has been happening in the house. Think U R ugly.

  9. Betty, you are ugly woman. You should think you are not smart. We Ethiopians and Africa were not comfortable about your personality. You didn’t show us any reality. You were confined in a corner of the house. You must not us terms like I am confident…., It is just an act…., house mates nominate people they think is strong contender…., I had great experience…, Bolt loves me…., I chose Bolt while observing his smile than knowing he is…., story about Bolt.

  10. You are RIGID. I am not no more concerned about your stand. You are really a cheating person. You should understand people know more that you do. You are acting babyish. You must feel a sort of shame out of your fakes. You can’t represent Ethiopia. I was always attending the show. You must be evicted the first week. You didn’t show anything relevant. IDIOT. Believe me Bolt doesn’t like your association.

  11. ayne dereq leba shermuta tenzelazlesh yadegsh sew lematalel atmokri asedabi aynawta min abash ager alesh wesha

  12. enatishm shermuta nat endanchiw weshoch fetataaaaa ega ethiopianoch yemiyakora bahel new yalen game yeblash buda balege yebalege lij

  13. Betty’s a grownup woman she’s free to what it pleaces her. These who opose pls mind your business let her be alone……

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