Ethiopia’s problem on illegal immigrants and how its affecting Africa

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Ethiopia’s problem on illegal immigrants and how its affecting Africa Watch KTN Streaming LIVE from Kenya 24/7 on Follow us on http://…

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  1. #AfricaSpeaks with KTN’s +Joy Doreen Biira


    The Ethiopian government has temporarily banned its citizens from traveling
    abroad for employment. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says the travel ban
    is aimed at curbing what it calls “the rising tide of abuse and
    exploitation” of migrants from the country. It says the ban will remain
    until issues surrounding employment of Ethiopians abroad are addressed.

    Other Ethiopian migrants have died at sea, traveling on unsafe smuggling
    boats destined for Yemen or Italy. The foreign affairs ministry says the
    government has suspended the licenses of foreign employment agencies as
    part of the new restrictions.

    On Africa speaks we seek answers on whether the ban will puts things right
    and also if employment opportunities are being provided to divert the urge
    to seek employment abroad. On the show +Dorothy Ngila , +samuel gebre , +Melat
    Mengesha , +Fitsum Tilahun +RAPHAEL OBONYO 

  2. This was such an enlightening discussion putting the Ethiopian immigrant
    problem in perspective. I enjoyed the amazing contributions but I was
    particularly impressed by Melat Mengesha’s analysis of the root causes of
    the problem. Such a brilliant young lady!

  3. The only problem that Africa has is an administrative problem. The
    governments are the most corrupted one. This is the only thing that drag
    and keep us at back. Most people say population is a factor for our
    poorness, but we should also remember population is an asset for a country.

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