Europa Universalis IV – Ethiopia – Episode 5

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  1. dont worry kailvin you have the new subscribers! including myself, Great Content, I LOVE IT ALL

  2. You really need to have a good defence plan(against the manluks and other) also if you take away the ports of hajaz and the manluks in the red sea their fleets will die off in that region and that will allow you’r feel to prevent the enemy forces from crossing between your kingdom and that will prevent you from getting conqured 100% and over time the manluks or hajez will have to surrender because of the war exastion!

  3. yeah how is thhe hoi3 going its been months since i heard title palmyrene hope i have is that the palmyrene flag is still in ur channel maybe the red bird guide us

  4. There is no defense plan against mamluks. I need to out number them by 3-1 and have mountains as a defensable terrain in order to stand a chance because african spearman suck.

  5. yeah no ethiopia isn’t russia…you won’t have the numbers unless the mamluks are in another war or a revolution…and if that is your plan you need to attack first to gain the upper hand!

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