Habesha Fight outside Ethiopian bar in London

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  1. More third world assholes we are forced to put up with. Send them back to where they came from.

  2. drew Watson shut the fuck up. you and your kinds are indirectly responsible for implementing cancer like governments in our continent so we can flee the country to your stupid place, so you don’t have no room to talk. back to the video, the fuck is wrong with your guys aha, agar asadabiwoche.

  3. something needs to be done to stop these gang violence. its every where in london these days.

  4. You suck dick everyday and you also put tea in your ass so i don’t get why you don’t want to get raped cuz you get raped every month bitch.

  5. coward idiot(one with green,yellow and red t-shirt) …instead of going to nightclubs why dont you send money to your family…if you are from south africa ,you probably are one of those idiots that hang aroun the jeep area,sitting your ass the whole day…

  6. Niggers are basically useless to human being. EVERYWHERE they go the fight one another and kill one another.. they get mad and extremely ass hurt to a level hundred when they find out the TRUTH about their race which is dying from AIDS and other shit.
    Niggers don’t need more “help”. They need a good kick in their ass.. it’s in their monkey nature. Niggers only time i want see em is hanging from a tree.

  7. Hager asedabi idiots. sheme on you Ahiyoch. asafari hula. You leave you mother land as if u r escaping from death and …uhhhhhhhh i wish i didnt see these idiots!!!

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